Basic Clean $20

Basic Cleaning includes the Upper and Midsole.

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Deep Clean $35

Deep Clean includes the Upper, Midsoles, Laces, and Inset Stains.

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Peach Deluxe $50

Peach Deluxe includes the Upper, Midsole, Outsole, Laces, Inset Stains, Standard Undersole, and Freshener.

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Peach Super Detail $75

Peach Super Detail is a meticulous attention to detail that includes the Upper, Midsole, Outsole, Laces, Inset Stains, Deep Undersole, Insole, Deodorize/Disinfect, and Freshener. (Add +1 day to Standard Turnaround Time)

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Since 1993

We Pickup and Drop Off

William Coit Premium Sneakers Cleaning offers FREE pickup and drop off services to customers who spend $100 or more. Our pickup area is 25 miles from downtown Atlanta. We charge a $10 pickup and delivery charge to customers who spend less than $100. Additionally, there's a charge if you're outside the blue area. Call for an estimate or use our MAIL YOUR SNEAKERS service.


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Call 404-500-6527 for a FREE estimate. Mention our Drop 3, Get 4th pair cleaned FREE.